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Debbie Maveau

Debbie Maveau, 23, went missing in Langtang.

She went trekking there by herself after volunteering for three months in a Kathmandu orphanage.

Her body was found yesterday.

My condoleances to the family.

My warning to everyone out there thinking of heading to Langtang (or elsewhere!).

This is not the first time a girl has gone missing.

For a better explanation on the dangers of trekking in Langtang, check Mr. Smith’s blog post on the dissapearance of Debbie

December 2011

The month of December is nearing its – as usual, quite dramatic – end. My life – both here in Nepal and in this particular incarnation in general -, on the other hand, is not quite over yet. Read more of this post

Dear Blog,

I had quite a nice weekend.

‘nough said.



Quick Update

It has been too long, and my memory is hazy at the best of times.

Therefore : a short description of my last couple of weeks here in Nepal. Read more of this post

The Boy is back in Town

It was the 24th of October 2011 when I last posted on this blog. I had just turned 26.The world was shiny and bright and the future was beckoning. Apart from the turning 26, it was pretty much an average day in Kathmandu. But I will not talk about that joyous day (any more than I already did); I will instead regale of what I did in the days between that day and November the 2nd.

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I know I have been quiet lately.

There Will be a new post soon.

In the meanwhile, I have uploaded some of my experiences on DeviantArt.


Kathmandu to Belgium and Back; or: Rest is for the dead

On the 28th of September, 2011, I embarked upon the perilous journey homewards. Read more of this post

23-09 – 27-09

I had a delightfully lazy and extremely tiring weekend. Follow me into my many exploits. (not referring to the exploitation of any minorities that I am aware of, unless maybe the Pygmies, as I consciously did not mention them in this blog post) Read more of this post

Weekly Wanderings

One more week, one more barrel of laughs and stuff (No tears, as I am too manly for all that sissy nonsense!)

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Green Campaigns

There are many gorgeous/horrifying/hilarious posters out there concerning global warming and the like. A selection (in process)

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